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Dr. Rafii doing a Voice Procedures

Comfort, Convenience, Safety

As a fellowship-trained laryngologist and vocal cord surgeon, Dr. Benjamin Rafii has expertise in performing awake, in-office procedures for voice, airway, and swallowing problems. In-office voice procedures can be performed safely and comfortably without the hassle and delay of having to schedule a procedure in the operating room, allowing you to get right back to living your life and doing the things you love, with minimal down-time.
In-office voice procedures we offer include: ● Vocal cord filler injections.● Vocal cord Botox injections for spasmodic dysphonia (AKA laryngeal dystonia).● Vocal cord, throat, and airway biopsies.● Vocal cord and airway steroid injections for scar and stenosis.● Vocal cord laser procedures. Trust your voice to a true expert in vocal care. Call today to schedule your Comprehensive Voice Evaluation with laryngologist and vocal cord surgeon Dr. Benjamin Rafii.


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